Are you organizing your warehouse and needing a cheap and affordable way to make sure you are buying the best material handling systems and equipment for your products? When running a warehouse, we all are trying to find that great deal that will save the company money. Well, have you ever thought about using gently “used” or “refurbished” products such as; wire decks, pallets, uprights, and beams that are still in great condition? At Warehouse Cubed, we buy, sell, and trade both new and used material handling systems and equipment, but have found that there has been some better looking used warehouse products than new and offer some considerable advantages.

So here are a few reasons on why “used” or “refurbished” products are the way to go:

  • Not only does used warehouse products save you money, but they can also save your employees energy. Most wire decks and pallets already have drilled holes in them, so there’s no need to drill more. Just place a nail, screw, or bolt through, unless you need the wire decks in another area on the beam or shelves.
  • Buying a bulk of used warehouse products can save you money. Some dealers will allow you to get a really great deal; when you buy bundle or multiple of a particular item.
  • You’re also doing a great deed to the environment when buying used warehouse products, instead of letting them go to a landfill or incinerators to damage the environment; you’re allowing them to be used to their fullest extent; which can last for a long time before needing to replace them and save you and the economy money.

Buying “used” or “refurbished” products can have major benefits for your warehouse. Don’t let the used products go to waste, get every bit of use out of them before you replace them with new or more used material handling equipment. It can be fun and quite difficult trying to find the best used or refurbished products for your warehouse. Minimize the time wasted… know your warehouse; meaning know the space that you are trying to fill and know what you need so that you can search the correct size and styles. However, if you are looking for a particular product for your warehouse, then we recommend that you research some companies, find out how long the company has been in business, look for reviews on their website or social media sites to make sure their customers have been satisfied with their services, and always look for deals they might be promoting before you purchase a product. Then, with the right research and finding the best dealer that is honest; your warehouse would be the best-organized warehouse in the area.

If you are interested in purchasing gently “used” or “refurbished” material handling systems and equipment, contact Warehouse Cubed at 770-638-4887 for an assessment of your facility. An experienced team member will help you determine the best system and equipment specific to your requirements.