Rack Repair Kits

Rack-repair-kitsRack repair kits are a great solution for any pallet rack system that has become damaged from the impact of forklifts and reach trucks. The Warehouse Cubed rack repair kits are the strongest and least expensive way of repairing damaged uprights. Through this powerful solution, rack systems are restored to better than new condition with structural steel repair kits that can strengthen an existing upright up to 7 times the original capacity. While the Rack Repair Kit is tremendously sturdy, it is also convenient. Repair options include a Sloped-Leg Repair Frame, that slants the front post inward to give operators additional room to navigate around the post and prevention products, to extend the life of upright replacement, saving you money in the process.  Typically each kit can be installed in 30 minutes or less without unloading the product, ensuring minimal hassle and downtime. Quality and convenience make the rack repair kit the easy answer for rack repairs.

We have before and after pictures of a repair, we did for a customer earlier this year. As you can see this rack system was severely damaged and needed to be replaced fast. However, instead of replacing, we repaired the rack by using a rack repair kit that was very inexpensive when compared to replacing the whole system. We provide Service & Installations, and Preventive Maintenance specifically designed to avoid more costly repairs. We incorporate protective guarding for your rack system by using max guards, corner and column guards and Rack Armor Poly Rack Protectors. This solution ensures longer use of your current system and saves your company money in the long run. Warehouse Cubed is a Modular Office and Warehouse Products company. Products we sell include Mezzanines, Conveyors, Pallet Rack Systems, Modular Buildings, Selective Racks, Rack Armors, Stretch Wrap and more.