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Wood Pallets Warehouse CubedHave you ever wondered where so many people on Pinterest get these ideas of creating something awesome with pallets? You probably thought that the pallets were only used in warehouses and they can cost an arm and a leg. Well, erase all of that from your mind because now in a DIY society, everyone is finding creative ways to repurpose items, such as pallets, for their homes, and sharing their awesome creations with friends and family on Pinterest or other social media sites. In order to create something fantastic with the pallets you must make sure they are available for purchase, are in great condition, and you have the correct tools to transform your new or used pallets into incredible pieces of art. I will break down these basic points to help you on your DIY journey.

Industrial Mezzanine| Warehouse Cubed

Suppose you are running your warehouse distribution or manufacturing facility and you come across a business dilemma, you need more storage space. This is a common problem. Warehouse facilities come across this situation every day as their business grows. The first thing that may come to mind is that you need a larger facility. But moving is not the best or most economical solution to your in-plant space problems. You need a solution for finding extra space, which is both practical and professional, as well as appealing and pleasing to the eye. You need Mezzanines. Mezzanines are amazing and will help you expand both your storage space and develop a cleaner aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Rack Install 024 Modular Shipping Office in the Background being installedAre you organizing your warehouse and needing a cheap and affordable way to make sure you are buying the best material handling systems and equipment for your products? When running a warehouse, we all are trying to find that great deal that will save the company money. Well, have you ever thought about using gently “used” or “refurbished” products such as; wire decks, pallets, uprights, and beams that are still in great condition? At Warehouse Cubed, we buy, sell, and trade both new and used material handling systems and equipment, but have found that there has been some better looking used warehouse products than new and offer some considerable advantages.

Whether you need to ship a single item by air or a full or partial container load via ocean, an Ocean Transport Intermediary ("OTI") helps you navigate the maze of paperwork and complex customs regulations to correctly export your shipment, while providing competitive international rates.

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